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Welcome to Altecon s.r.o.

Altecon was established in 2002 as a trading and service company specializing in industrial pump technology. Altecon took over the activities of a subsidiary of the company Allweiler GmBH which operated in the Czech Republic from 1994 and it is an official representation of the manufactures of pumps associeted with the Colfax Fluid Handling.

The range of products includes screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, progressing cavity pumps and propeller pumps, suitable for use in a wide range of industries.

Industrial pumps

The product portfolio of Altecon includes products of the companies Allweiler, IMO, Houttuin, Warren, Rosscor which are part of the  COLFAX Fluid Handling corporation. The pumps are completed by the  various electric drives: alternating-current motors Hoyer and Siemens, gear drives Nord and direct-current motors Winkelmann.

Two- and Three- screw pumps

Utilized in numerous segments of industry where oils and other lubricating liquids are pumped, e.g. circulation of lubricating and hydraulic oils, pumping heavy and diesel oil.

Two-screw pumps Houttuin are used for pumping low lubricating or non-lubricating liquids.

Centrifugal pumps

Used to pump neutral or aggressive liquids, pure or contaminated liquids, cold or hot liquids, toxic, and environmentally hazardous liquids like water, hot water, lubrication oils, emulsions, thermal oils, and chemical products.

Progressing cavity pumps

Used to pump or meter thin to highly viscous liquids, pasty, neutral or aggressive, pure or abrasive liquids, gaseous liquids or liquids that tend to foam, even liquids with fibrous and solid components.

Consulting & Service

A team of company employees offers consulting and support services in the field of pumping equipment, based on 20 years of experience in the field of power generation, manufacturing industry, chemical and food industry, oil&gas industry.